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Admission as a Doctoral Student

Admission Procedure as a Doctoral Student:

The applicants must posses a high school degree according the the currently valid doctoral examination regulations of the Faculty of Chemistry and Pharmacy.

Furthermore the candidates declare not to have applied for admission a a doctoral student anywhere other than at the Faculty of Chemistry and Pharmacy.


Please submit the application as early as possible  to the Doctoral Admission Board of the Faculty of Chemistry and Pharmacy.

From 16.04.2018 the application is to carry out computer-assisted in Docata. To make the application first you have to settle the doctoral agreements with your prospective responsible supervisor. You find the form for the agreements (and for the time schedule and study progam) below.


Here you find the instructions of the Campus Management, how to generate the application in Docata.




After you have generated the application online in Docata, please print it out, sign and submit to the Doctoral Admission Board of the Faculty of Chemistry and Pharmacy with the following documents (all documents must be signed in original, no copies):

1- the doctoral agreements

2 - the time schedule (attachment 1 of the doctoral agreements) and the individual study program (attachment 2 of the doctoral agreements)

(You can download the application and the above mentioned 3 documents below)


3-the notarized copies / translations of the MSc and BSc degree (each with degree certificate, degree diploma and transcript of records). The notarization of the academic records achieved beside the European Union is to carry out by embassies or consulates.

(see the information of the University of Freiburg on what does an official certification look like)

4- the declarations acc. § 6 (the form is contained in the Docata-generated application for acceptance, p. 3; certification of good conduct is not necessary)

5 -the actual CV with educational background


 The certificates and diplomas, which are not awarded in Germany, have to be accredited by the doctoral admission committee. The condition precedent to accreditation is the establishment of equivalence to the respective German degree.

Here you find important information of IGA/ FRS on doctoral studies at the Albert-Ludwigs-University of Freiburg.



Application for Admission as a Doctoral Student (pdf file, bilingual) - from 16.04.2018 computer-assisted (s. above mentioned information)

Doctoral Agreements of the Faculty of Chemistry and Pharmacy

Study program - Attachment 2 Doctoral Agreements

Time schedule - Attachment 1 Doctoral Agreements 




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