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Submission of the Dissertation / Examination Procedure





Time schedule for the doctoral examination procedure acc. to the doctoral examination regulations as amended and promulgated on 28.01.2016 (abbr. PO 2016): submission of the thesis, final grading, disclosure of the dissertation and adjuration ceremony


Time Schedule PO 2016


After the research work on the doctoral project has been finished and the both supervisors have accepted the final version of the dissertation, you can submit it to the examination office and apply in written form to the doctoral admission board for the opening of the examination procedure. The list of all necessary documents is in § 7 PO 2016 or can be downloaded below.


At the same time, the final version of the dissertation is to submit to the both evaluators. (Duration of the evaluation process: see § 9 (2) PO 2016)


After the both evaluation reports have been written the disclosure of the dissertation can begin. The disclosure time is at least two weeks during the lecture period at at least three weeks during the free period. After the end of the disclosure time and in consideration of a one-week-period according to § 10 (1) PO 2016, the oral examination (disputation) can take place. 


Finally, the overall results and the final grade is to set by the doctoral admission board. The conferences take place two or three times per semester, only during the lecture period. The dates are available at the above-mentioned website. On completion of the respective conference, the announcement of the grades and the adjuration ceremony takes place.


The dissertation is to publish according to § 13 PO 2016 within two years after the oral examination. The version for the publication is to confirm by the first supervisor.


Acc. to § 14 PO 2016 the doctorate is fulfilled after the doctoral degree diploma was handed over to the doctoral student. (This can not be carried out until the final grade of the doctoral studies has been set by the doctoral admission board and after the dissertation has been published.)


The doctor title may not be used until the diploma has been handed over.




Downloadable forms (most of them in German)

File Sample letter for application for opening of the examination procedure

File Application Publication in Journals-PO 2016

File Apllication Publication in Journals-PO 2003

pdficon.gif Checklist PO 2003

pdficon.gif Checklist PO 2016

pdficon.gif Declarations acc. PO 2016 and pdficon.gif Statutory Declaration acc. PO 2016

pdficon.gif Instruction acc. to § 7 PO 2016

pdficon.gif Declaration acc. PO 2003 and declaration about the notice of the valid doctoral examination regulations

pdficon.gif Confirmation on the doctoral agreements (in German)

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